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Skeetgirl: Sorry to hear about your computer problems! Good luck! All else fails, just imagine all the calories you're burning by banging your head against the wall :wink:

Jjeand: I totally feel you about the pants! I have a drawer full of size 13 (tight) and only 2 jeans size 14 (baggy). It is so frustrating to only have two pairs of pants that are comfortable! Especially when the thighs are wearing out in both of them!

Do any of you lovely ladies have any suggestions as for how to either decrease the wear&tear or as to how to repair the inner thighs of jeans after a hole has been worn into them? (besides weightloss and just not wearing them!)

I hope that everyone is doing well! I’m down 2.5lbs and looks like I’ll be catching up with that one week where I gained 1lb! Super excited, and I stumbled across an awesome quote:

“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”
-Confucius (supposedly)
25 / vegan / braces

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