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Originally Posted by yapatus View Post
The suggestion made by Fitday-Jim back in November of 2009 is right on. To have an activity listed as "extra calories burned" or something of that nature for those of use that use machines that take into account our wight and age. It could be set up so that a unit of measure = a set amount of calories, whether that set amount be 1, 10, 25 would not matter (smaller would be better). Even if the only unit of measure available is minutes it could work.

100 minutes = 100 calories

Right now I just enter my activities like this as "Walking" and adjust my time till the calories come out correct or close. It doesn't matter to me if the amount of time is correct, just the calories burned.
This is what I do. I track time and miles on a different cycling site but like this one for the calorie tracking and reports. So on Fitday it doesn't matter to me what the time is, just the caloric expenditure.

Still, I think it's odd that you can't just include a user-defined activity. Most of the other sites I've looked at (caloriecount, dailyplate, etc.) all have this feature.
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