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Default Thoughts?

I have been on a bread-baking kick lately on weekends. I am finding that I have a lot of conflicting feelings about it.

When I buy bread at the store, I get whole wheat.

When I make bread at home, and when I use nothing but whole wheat flour, it just doesn't get fluffy enough for sandwiches. It's good and we like it, but as far as being able to put slices of turkey on it, for example, well, it just doesn't rise that much. When I go half and half on the flour (wheat and white), it's perfect. Today I made three loaves and threw in flaxseed and sunflower seeds, 2/3 wheat flour, 1/3 white, and it's about 3" high.

So is it better to stay away from the preservatives, etc. in store bread by making it myself, or is it better to put up with them so I can get the whole grain?

I've heard something called vital wheat gluten will help, but I need to hunt for it at Whole Foods, as I can't find it around here in my local markets. And how does white wheat flour work?

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