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Originally Posted by Meggietye View Post
This was my question as well Mike so thanks for the information. Fitday says I am 2000 something and the other one says I am 1700...the same information was plugged into both so that is quite the difference!!! I don't know which one to use??? what is accurate?

Also, do we install 8 hrs of sleeping in our activity logs? or is that automatically a given?

Thank you, Nancy
According to the programmers, 8 hrs. sleep is factored in. Many, myself included, still add 8 hrs. to bring the calorie burn down a bit. Using "seated w/some movement" as my lifestyle, adding 8 hrs. sleep and adding any exercise I do my burn is pretty much in line with reality.

Really, any of these formulas are, at best, informed guesstimates. The best thing to do is pick one, track your loss for a few weeks and see where your're at. Your true weight loss should be fairly close to what the "math" says if you're burn calculation is fairly close and you are accurate in tracking your calories (another guesstimate). If it's too far off, change your "lifestyle" setting one way or the other.

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The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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