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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Keep at it, the scale WILL start going down again. Really, it is average weekly loss that's important. I've had the scale not move for a week, sometimes two. Then, back-to-back 7lb loss weeks. I tend to have a good week, and couple of slower ones, then another good one. The average, though, remains fairly consistant.

If you KNOW you are running a good deficit, don't worry, be happy! The loss will come.

Thanks Michael. I know in my heart you are right and in fact, this is what I tell DH regularly. It is just frustrating. On the otherhand it is great to have a place where one can vent and be understood by others. No worries, I am in this for the long haul. I look forward to the next 'drop' on the scales.

With your advice I went back and looked at my April 1st challenge. I had a goal of dropping 28lbs or 10% by April 1st. I am currently down 22 of those 28 lbs...with at least 5 weeks to in hindsight, not so bad.

I think the quick loss in the beginning, (normal with any significant change in life style) needs to even out and the body is adapting to the new norm.

Have a great day.
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