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Its definitely hard. I'm thinking about getting an exercise bike, I gave it a honest chance and I just can't take the high impact stuff. I have a bad ankle that just starts pitching a fit after a couple of days. It ends up taking me four days to get back to normal after two days of exercise. I'd love to get a Wii Fit, or even The Biggest Loser game. I saw a review of three different exercise games for the Wii, and The Biggest Loser was actually ranked as the most challenging and "real" of the three. The Wii Fit got good remarks, too, though.

I've been doing this long enough where food isn't as hard as it used to be. Don't get me wrong, I still have my days where I struggle with cravings, or just not caring what I put in my body. What helps me the most with that, is usually after I have a day of free for all eating, I'm usually miserable. My body's gotten used to the better treatment, and it will throw a fit when I stuff a bunch of junk into it. My biggest challenge, like so many of us on here, is the emotional. When I get upset the first place I still run is the kitchen. Fortunatly, since I've stopped buying junk, the worst thing I can usually find is cereal. I do love to bake though, and the past few days I've really been fighting with myself about baking something. I really want to do a cake, but seeing as Grady doesn't eat cake, I will end up eating it all-and I don't want to do that! I love making bread, so I might compromise with myself and make a nice loaf of wheat bread, so I can have that with some honey as a snack.

I'm so glad we have these message boards. I think I would have given up a while back if I didn't have these here to lean on. I don't really have anyone to commesurate with face to face, so its nice to have a community I can come to to lean on.
My wish for myself and all of you is a success everyday, no matter how small or mundane.
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Love and hugs!!
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