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Default "error while synchronizing your account" message coming up


I just upgraded to premium so that I can sync between my pc version and online. However, every time I try to sync, it gets as far as the "uploading changes" section and then the error message comes up.


I saw in another thread that someone else was having a similar problem, only there's was that it was telling them that they already had entries. This is not happening in my case, although if that is an issue, that is very frustrating, because I'm sure 90+% of people who have the premium version have upgraded from the regular version, which means of course you are going to have entries. This seems like a completely silly bug.

Anyway, I don't think that's what's going on in my case anyway, but has anyone else dealt with this, and can you help me resolve it?

(ps: very frustrating that they have no technical support that you can even email to when you're having problems...the whole reason I upgraded was so that I could sync, and if I can't sync, I don't want to continue to pay for the upgrade...yet there's no way to contact any support to get them to resolve the issue) ??
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