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Originally Posted by Bubbs21 View Post
The scales have not moved in a week. I have increased my aerobic effort, been religious about my workouts and food intake, have regular BM's and my 7 day caloric deficit is over 8,000 calories. In fact the scales went up 1.4lbs this morning. What the !@#$%^?

I am frustrated, angry and befuddled. I know one needs to focus on the overall direction. I am just not feeling so positive this morning. In fact, I was feeling quite good until I stepped on the dam scales.

Advice to shake thinks up and restart the downward trend is welcome.

Happy weekend to all.
Hang in there my friend. I know how it is. It's frustrating, and makes you want to throw that scale up against the wall. My weight hasn't changed this week either. Maybe down a couple of tenths of a pound, but it still sucks. Plateaus happen to the best of us. Just keep your eye on the prize, and keep doing what you're doing. And when that scale does finally budge you'll feel sooo much better.
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