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Originally Posted by mgiedrys View Post
Really? So you're going to stick your head in the sand and deny that the search feature is horribly hard to use compared to sites that Fitday competes with?

Is your goal to be "much less worse" than some other sites but far much worse than the best sites?

I have no idea if you are an employee of Fitday or not but this isn't a way to address an honest criticism of the search feature.

The fact is we as users want it to be as simple and easy as possible to record our food. If you can't provide a better method you are going to lose users of your site.



Thanks for your concern but please let me shed some light. First off, if you would have read you would have noticed:

13. Do not complain about the rules. Any public discussion of specific cases will be removed and you will lose your posting privileges (temporarily or permanently). This is a privately owned forum and we created the rules based on years of experiences with thousands of members. Moderators and administrators are unpaid volunteers who spend a lot of time making sure our forum is safe, clean, and supportive. If we decide that your post is inapporpriate, it will be removed or locked. Please don't argue and please don't keep posting along the same line otherwise you're gone too.We reserve the right to disable posting abilities of anyone that violates any of the terms of membership, without warning or notice.

That would have answered your question about him being an employee. We are regular members that VOLUNTEER our time to try to make the board better. Unfortunately as moderators, there are a lot of things out of our hands. Pretty much all we can do is "police the forums". Everything outside of the forums, such as the food log, database, activities, etc. is out of our hands. We forward these issues to Admin (who are also VOLUNTEERS) to see what they can do to correct this.

So how exactly would you expect Michael to answer your "honest criticism of the search feature"?

Up until a few months ago, there was little to no activity with moderators. WE STEPPED UP TO FILL IN AND HELP. BE GRATEFUL THAT SOMEONE IS TAKING TIME OUT OF THEIR DAY... FOR FREE TO HELP.

This site isn't perfect, but we are making improvements. They may not be coming fast enough for you, hell they aren't coming fast enough for me either. But I still cotinue to TRY to help, instead of making all of my posts rants and complaints, which all 3 of yours have been.

I also find it funny that you end it with "Respectfully" right after accusing him of sticking his head in the sand. How exactly were you being respectful to the man that VOLUNTEERS HIS TIME to do everything that he can to help YOU?

Michael also said:
Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
(which is, if you spend a little time with it, not bad at all).
Seeing that you couldn't even spend a little time to read the forum rules tells me that maybe you should have taken his advice. Just a thought.

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