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Default Really?

Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
I've seen searches on other sites that are far less worse than FitDays (which is, if you spend a little time with it, not bad at all).

As far as custom food servings, simply add the serving portion size to the description!

Ex: My Bubble and Squeak recipie 4 oz.

Really? So you're going to stick your head in the sand and deny that the search feature is horribly hard to use compared to sites that Fitday competes with?

Is your goal to be "much less worse" than some other sites but far much worse than the best sites?

I have no idea if you are an employee of Fitday or not but this isn't a way to address an honest criticism of the search feature.

The fact is we as users want it to be as simple and easy as possible to record our food. If you can't provide a better method you are going to lose users of your site.


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