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Originally Posted by Blaundee_C View Post
I get enough food, but still WANT more, even though I feel full. Even though I'm not actually hungry, I want to eat more food.
For me that's a clear sign that my blood glucose levels have been bouncing around - too high, then too low. I keep it under control by avoiding anything I know will dump an excessive amount of sugar into my system in a relatively short time. In a nutshell, that means I'm on a low glycemic index diet.

That means no added sugar, no white rice, no potatoes, and nothing made from white flour. I do eat a serving of complex carbs with just about every meal - usually whole grain bread or pasta, sweet potatoes, brown rice, or oatmeal - but I'm careful to stay within the recommended portion size. I also eat an unlimited amount of non-starchy vegetables and one or two servings of fruit a day. The low carb veggies work against hunger because of their fiber content and low energy density and have so few calories that I don't see any point in limiting portion sizes. I do watch what I put on them, though. Bananas are the only fruit I've encountered thus far that consistently trigger feelings of hunger after moderate consumption.
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