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Default Water bottles?

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
yep, I track mine in my food log. Evertime I drink a bottle I add it to my running total.
I stopped drinking bottled water after seeing a documentary (refilling the bottles is almost just as bad)
2009NR 75 minutes
(from the netflix description)
"The high cost -- to both the environment and our health -- of bottled water is the subject of this documentary that enlists activists, environmentalists, community leaders and others to expose the dark side of the bottled water industry. Americans may rethink their obsession with bottled H20 when they learn of the unregulated industry's willingness to ignore environmental and health concerns, and the problems that arise as a result."

Sorry if preachy, you can do what you want, but I have not had any bottled water since seeing this movie.
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