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I agree, Frank. Liquid Aminos does sound funny.

I DID find Bragg Liquid Aminos (thanks Jenny!) at my Kroger grocery chain this afternoon. There was none in the International food section with the other brands of soy sauce, but I found it in the health food section. It was $2.29 for a 6 ounce spray bottle (clever idea) but only $2.99 for a whole 16 ounce bottle. The ingredients, serving size, and nutrition lables were exactly the same on both the 6 oz. and 16 oz. bottles. So I opted for the larger--if I ever want to spray it, I'm sure I can find a spray nozzle from another food in my fridge that will work.

When I got home I compared the flavor of Bragg Liquid Aminos with my Kroger Lite Soy Sauce. Bragg has way better depth of flavor, tastes like soy sauce, and has way less sodium. Kroger Lite 265mg for 1/2 teaspoon and Bragg 160mg. Ingredients in Bragg only "vegetable protein from Soybeans and purified water."
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