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Due to health issues, I am trying to get approved for weight loss surgery in May. Before my insurance will approve it I have to be on a 6 mo. doctor supervised diet. I have to sit down with a weight loss doctor and a nutrionist every month. I was discouraged at first when I barely lost any weight but I was eating way healthier than ever and getting more exercise. I started this in I think October and the entire time I have been on this plan I have only gained one pound back and that was over the holidays. I started at 285 as my heighest weight my last weigh in was 266 and I get weighed again in a week, not sure how that one is going to go.

Weighing yourself too often can stress you out without even realizing it. Try weighing only once a month and track your progress from there. The more I would weigh myself, the more discouraged I would get. Now I don't think about it until I am going to the doctor.

I realize 20 pounds doesn't seem like a lot, especially on a person my size but it is the first time in my life I haven't gained part or all or more of it back. I swear I was on a never ending roller coaster. Hopefully the healthier my body starts feeling the better the results will be.

Keep doing what you are doing, the results will come.

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