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Hi Lainey,

Yep, here we are, aren't we?! heh! Today is as good a day as any, I agree. As you can see from the length of my posts, I am really trying to figure out how to overcome the greatest obstacle I face: LOSS OF MOTIVATION followed by QUITTING. I am not quite as mad as I've been in the past few days because I've got lots of motivation right now and I've been eating so much better and exercising each day. I feel good and ready to just continue this plan and look for answers every step of the way. I think whatever happens that makes me quit must be fixed or why even bother? That's what really brought me to the forums and to find others who know how it feels to be so frustrated after trying so hard to then just quit. I'm so sick of it! grrrrr..... I have no idea what I will feel like posting or when, but I think if I'm honestly going to succeed then I will need help and support from others and I can try to give it, too. I would like to join a weekly weigh-in or start a clean one, whatever works! But my MAIN goal is to figure out how to overcome loss of motivation so I can be successful in losing weight (yeah!!) and taking better care of myself. Good luck, and, yes, let's do this together!!!!

I don't want to be the "Fat Girl" anymore!

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