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Originally Posted by SherryDarling View Post
Hi, I am kinda new here. Have used FitDay for years tracking and losing/quitting and gaining. My last successful run was Aug. 2009-Nov. 2009 when I lost about 22 pounds, going from 217 to 195. It took almost 3 months to accomplish, but my mental state was strong and focused. I wasn't hungry and exercising felt good and productive. Then I don't know what happened! It doesn't really make any sense. I hit some mental roadblock that eventually made me give up completely. I have regained about 16 of those pounds and I am back on FitDay. After that much time, I would think the habit had been established and the fact I was seeing results (smaller jeans, compliments, etc.) that I would be even stronger. Something happens that makes me lose the initiative, the focus, the obsession. No amount of motivational talk has helped. Now I fear trying again...only to possibly fail months into it. Unless I can figure out a way to get through that time that somehow sneaks up on me and sabotages my motivation.

For those of you who have faced this and have overcome that obstacle, please, please tell me what you have done to get over that bump in the road and continue to lose weight. I would really appreciate hearing how you handle this successfully. Thanks! And Good Luck to everyone here trying and Congrats to those who have figured it out and been successful!!
Sherry, I am, pretty much, right where you are. It almost sounds identical. I did great last year too and lost it for a bit. I was supposed to start back watching my weight in January, for the new year, but that passed by. Now I find today is a good day as any to start again. So here I am. I did go to workout today, and just did a few weights, and the bicycle for 30 minutes. Tomorrow I will go again and continue until it becomes a habit. I enjoy working out and watching what I eat. When I begin to see "any" weightloss, or curves, I'll be encouraged to continue. Much luck to you Sherry. Keep in touch, so that we can continue to encourage each other.
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