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Welcome Allenjca, and good luck! We're here for each other and thrilled to have you.

Fendills...Awesome!!! keep up the great work. I said here, or in another thread that this fitting into old clothes, closet shopping as Michael called it, is like going back in time in a strange way. Myself, I'm looking to make it back to 1989 when I had a 34" waist. For now, I'm fully three sizes down which is awesome. It's like a size a month.

Jen, I want to support what Michael said. Any recent research that I've read says that it doesn't matter when you eat your calories, but how many you consume. YOu can look at weight loss on a micro or macro level, and watch your calories however it works for you. Daily totals are easy to get our minds around, but you could certainly track weekly with similar results with no relationship to time of day.

One caveat to that is that I'm a firm believer in keeping the metabolism working for you all day, even though I can't prove it. I seem to do best and feel best when I eat five times a day as opposed to loading in one or two meals.

Finally, a mini milestone for today. I just hit the last hole on my belt. I wavered between the first and second notch when I started, and now i'm comfortably buckling in at the 7th and last notch. Time to get out the leather punch!

Have a great day and rest of your week everyone.
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