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StrongWilld - You can do it! There is a lot of literature out there to support the fact that eating sugar and white flour creates more cravings for sugar and white flour. I also read Sugar Blues, too. And if I eat it, I feel the intense cravings for more right after I am done. For me, it is mostly after eating pure sugary stuff like icing on cake and poptarts! I can eat 6 poptarts in a row and keep wanting more. Same with donuts and cookies. So there is something definitely to that, but like Devinfear, giving up all sugar was ultimately too much of a change for me, and again, I quit. But I support you and your efforts, too, and know the road you are choosing to take is also a great, healthy one!

Devinfear, yes, I think you're right about the punishment idea. At some point, every time, I also started thinking, why can't I eat what I want to eat, all the tasty sweet food that I'm used to eating?! Or it's a holiday and I'm entitled to eat! If that happens under the right circumstances, like maybe I'm also sick of the food I'm eating or a going through a stressful time, then I get lax and even feel justified and eventually just don't care. I just give up and quit. This kind of thinking needs to be stopped or at least fixed! So, I'm going to be aware of this completely and, when it begins, I am going to remember to take a good look at myself and ask myself how do I really feel about being fat. Because that's what my body is, fat, and that is not healthy...plain and simple. Is it really a punishment or a gift to myself?

mandevil7 - yep! I completely agree with the healthy eating = feeling better. Been there, done that! My problem (and what I really really really wanna fix) is that after 21 days (or 3 months or whatever), the good habits are gone and replaced with an evil eating machine that will try to bite off your arm if you get between me and a strawberry frosted poptart! I want more than fine, too!!!!

Let's do this together!!!


I don't want to be the "Fat Girl" anymore!

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