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Default Treadmill

I bought my first treadmill the day after Christmas, I have lost 15lbs. My son is a personal trainer and he advises me yesterday to do a walk warm up first.

Double leg Bridge-10reps(lie on back, bend knees, feet of ground, hands down by side.. Push hips up and squeeze but for 1count repeat 10times

Single leg Bridge-- same as above, but pusing offof one foot only, the other at a 90 dress angle 10 with each leg

straight leg-leg kicks, lie on back, legs straight, hands by sides. keeping your legs straight, kick your right leg up and down 10 times to stretch the hamstring, repeat with other leg. He says your legs are going to want to bend
but DO NOT allow them to.

He says to do 3 sets of these before you walk, (I started with 1 set the first time0

Enjoy your walk and have a fabulous day...
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