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Originally Posted by SisterJen View Post
Hi all,

I had another official weigh in on Saturday; I’m down 3.6# in one week . I was wearing the same boots, pants, and a similar shirt, so I know that it is a true loss .

I hope everyone had a great V Day. I must say that Mondays seem to be my downfall, at least down here. I’ve been attending a regular church event, and it always seems to center around food (well, only the first Monday of the month actually centers around food, but there is ALWAYS food involved, it is actually scheduled that way !)

Congrats to everyone on continuing to work toward their goals, you all deserve the very best, so keep it up.

PS. I've cut my calories to a level that I feel is reasonable for my size and weight, but have found that I still have some to spare at the end of the day because I'm making healthier choices throughout the day... I'm thinking that it would be a bad idea to short myself that many calories each day, so I end up scrambling to make them up at the end of the day...Any suggestions on how to increase my numbers durring the day so that I don't have to cram at night??? I know that sleeping on a full stumach will cause you to gain weight rather than loose it .
Jen, sounds like things are going OK. I KNOW lower cals and plenty of walking is a great way to lose--you're proof! Keep up the good work.


PS I read a recent study that found No correlation between the time of day calories were eaten and weight loss. Those that ate late lost as much as those who ate the majority of their calories earlier in the day. Personally, I most generally eat my last 800 calories between 5:30 and 7:00 and go to bed at 8:00, FWIW.
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The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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