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Originally Posted by ferndills View Post
So, I weighed myself today and I thought my scale was broken or needed new batteries. When I weighed myself, it told me I was down to 352.2. So I made my 6 year old weigh himself 3 times to see if it said the same thing each time. IT DID! So then I asked my husband to weigh himself and see if it was right. He said it was SPOT ON! So, that put my total weight lost up to 17.8 pounds! Just for the heck of it, I decided to try on a pair of 24 pants. THEY FREAKING FIT! Not only was I able to get them up past my calfs, I was able to button them, zip, them, and STILL SIT DOWN!!!! OMG! This has been the first time in 8 years that I have lost weight by trying! ( I lost some weight when I was pregnant with my daughter, but I wasn't trying to) I have not wore a size 24 in 4 years!!!!! I am so excited! I still am not sure if my scale is right, so I am going to go down to the local clinic this afternoon and weigh myself again to see where I am at. I just can not believe it has been 17.8 pounds since January 6th! I cut my calorie intake down to 1900 a day and am walking a mile a day. So I am burning 1100 calories a day or close to it. Some days, though, I don't even get close to 1900 calories and I still feel totally satisfied!!! Yesterday, I ended the day with 1500 calories and I was able to eat everything during the day that I WANTED> but I am wanting less now!! HA HA!
Yes! That's what we like to hear! I KNEW you could do it.

Your scale may vary from the clinic's, but it is really consistancy that is important--a few pounds plus or minus is no big deal.

See, a fairly low calorie intake works--really, there is NO reason to be abnormally hungry on 1500 quality calories a day. I think you see the proof when you can sit down in those dainty size 24s!

Keep it up, and keep us posted.

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