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Hi Mikaela,
I too have moved from my hometown of 25 years to a different area. Leaving all of my family behind. I was depressed at first, but now I would never move from here. It takes time, but it was good advice to get active in your community, maybe at your girls school, or even volunteering.
I resigned from my job of 11 years due to the stress and anxiety, and placed on medication. I am currently in a fight for my unemployment. We went from being comfortable (not rich) to living paycheck to paycheck by the skin of our teeth.
I too wanted to go back to the gym, but the money just isn't there. Not only would it have been good for me to get back into exercise but it would have helped me get back out into the world.
I have been very heavy, 220 pounds and very thin also. I know both sides. I'm five feet tall and small framed. I weigh 114. I'd like to take off just a few pounds, four or five, but I also want to get my body back into shape.
Twice in my life I have lost 100 plus pounds. The first fifty always came off with sensible eating, calorie counting and just walking. You would also be amazed at how much you can eat if it's all healthy.
I'm back to counting calories of fitday and came to the forum to meet some friends and hopefully buddy-up so we can help each other.
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