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Originally Posted by mikaela99 View Post
So a little about myself, I am 32 married for 10years have 2 girls. My weight has always gone up and down. When i got close to 200 lbs I freeked out and then lost about 20 lbs, it slowly came back on but still stayed below 200. Then in april after being seizure free (I have epieplsy) for almost 10 yrs started having them again. With the drugs I had to start taking again I put on 10 lbs in one month. In july we moved across the country. I miss my friends, I cannot get a job for the life of me and its not turning out the way we hoped it would we are so tight on money can't afford the gym or even a proper grocery shop and I have now gained another 10 lbs and its not looking like its gonna stop. Yes I know I am doing alot of complaining but I really don't see any light at the end of the tunnel....
Thank you for listening I am hoping someone can pull me out of my rut and get my ass in gear
Hi Mikaela, sounds like things have been hard for you recently. I hope the meds are at least stopping the seizures. Can you talk to your doc about the weight gain and see if these are affecting it?

it sounds like you feel out of control, I can't help you with the job hunting but I wish you luck with it. The only other thing that I can say is perhaps you could take control of your weight issues. Eating healthy food isn't expensive, and you don't need a gym to exercise.

Keep reading the posts here for encouragement and advice, I hope it all works out well for you.
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