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Question Hoping to do it this time

Hello everyone,
New to Fit Day, but hoping to get some great advice. I am 54 years old and weigh 192.5 lbs. (5'5") I have a lung disease and have had three total hip replacements on one hip. Because of the lung disease, approximately 3 years ago, I was put on a high dose of Prednisone, which caused me to balloon to 243 lbs. The steriod made me so sick, so I opted to discontinue it and eventually was able to get to the weight that I am today. I still have breathing problems, and because of so many surgeries on the one hip, I now have to walk with a cane sometimes (especially long distances). My biggest problem is that I cannot quite master the cravings. I eat fairly well, I mean fruits, vegetables and all, but I have cravings for sweet stuff. I wish that I could do the exercises that I use to (back in the day), but my hip just will not permit me to do those. My husband and I have begun to walk at the gym and I use my cane, but again, my hip becomes painful pretty quickly. I cannot afford a personal trainer or physical therapy because I am now on a fixed income because of my ailments, so I would appreciate any advice.
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