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Lightbulb food search improvement

I used Fit Day years ago. About a year ago I tried another web site because it had the iphone app but I have always preferred Fit Day's nutritional data. I'm starting to log again & am trying Fit Day again. I want to let someone know I'm spoiled by that other web site's food searches. Almost anything I eat (or cook from say a Cooking Light magazine) always shows up near the top of the list when I do a search. I'm finding searches on Fit Day produce irrelevant entries near the top of the list. And when I enter custom foods, I can't clarify that a serving is 3/4 cup for unless I have the container nearby, I can't remember what 1 serving is. The way the public forum self polices the food database makes data entry convenient on that other web site. I can check the nutritional data before I enter it into my log & if I verify it, then I indicate that so the next person will know that at least one person verified the nutritional data. I hope someone reads this & moves Fit Day in the direction of that other web site. It would be the perfect software for me!

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