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Originally Posted by ferndills View Post
LOL, yeah. It is nice having an exercise buddy, but what I have to remember is that I am responsible for my own success/failures. If I depend on exercising with my buddy, I tend to not exercise when they have excuses. You know what I mean? What state do you live in?

I would like to try to get my whole family eating better and eating just for the sake of replenishing the body and not eating just to eat. I come from a long line of obesity and I really want to break the cycle with my children. I don't want them to use food as a drug like I do.
Very true, that we are responsible for our own decisions. That's what I'm working on coming to terms with.

I'm in St. Louis.

Hubby will eat good foods too, he just has such a good metabolism and is so high energy that he burns everything so he snacks.... a lot.

I don't come from a line of obesity, everyone around me is thin. Guess I just drew the short straw. My metabolism bottomed out when I hit menopause also. But I want this weight off now, (well before I hit 40), I know it just gets harder with age.
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