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I also do the double meals, I try to use same main ingredient (like meat), then vary the rest to meet my needs, and keep hubby's the same as usual. When he eats something, I just can't do, then I have stuff like turkey chili that I made in advance and froze individual portions.

I love "I used to be fat" it's great motivation, although someone my age really shouldn't be watching MTV LOL I usually exercise while watching it.

I had been doing 40 min. of pilates on a machine (I like this because I have the routine memorized so I can do it while watching TV). And recently added a cardio Denise Austin yoga to it. (30 min) which is 1/2 of the dvd. In another month I would like to add the other 30 min of the dvd.

I'd love to have a local exercise buddy, but all my friends are skinny
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