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I lost my mojo this week as well. I am back in the game today though! My challenges are always on the weekends when the whole family eats together and I make larger meals. My husband is okay with me trying lower calorie items, but doesn't want me to get too drastic. SO, I have been kind of doing duel meals on a lot of the days. I will fix two mains and then one or two sides that we all eat from. This way I am able to watch my calories, but my family still gets to eat what they like. I am slowly but surely going to get everything switched over to healthier stuff and they won't even know it! When I switch out turkey instead of hamburger, they don't even realize. I will not be weighing myself until February 28. I do not want to know where I am at until the end of the month because if I see a larger number lost on the scale, I am more motivated to keep going. In order to see that number, I have to wait longer in between weigh ins. I am hoping that I can get caught back up on my exercising. I was not exercising at all before, and now I am trying to work a mile of exercise in everyday. I know that is not a lot, but I will work my way up to more miles per day. My friend and I have a pull off calendar on our wall similar to the one on 'I Used to Be Fat' on MTV. We set our goal to do 60 miles in 60 days. Like I said, I know that is not a lot, but after our initial 60 days is over, I hope to raise our bar to 75 miles in 60 days. Eventually, down the road, we will be at 180 miles in 60 days! I am behind a few miles since I took a few nights off~ *slaps self on rear*. This weekend I will have to fit in 8 miles. It WILL and CAN be done though!! AND it is finally supposed to be nice this weekend! You never know about that Nebraska weather, though!! I am going to do at least half of my miles outside if it does get to 60 like they say!!
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