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Default Lost my mojo this week....

Iím so mad at myself. I lost my drive this week.

Part of the problem, is that I canít remove temptation from my home. My hubby is 6í 155lbs. Eats everything in sight, never gains, and never exercises. He does stay pretty active though. If I remove the junk, he would fade away to nothing.

I went over my calorie goal a couple days (by about 500) and didnít exercise a couple days.

I know in the end, itís my fault. I need to want to be thin more than I want the junk food. I NEED increase my exercise. I wish I could learn to enjoy and crave exercise, but I just donít see it happening, So I just push through.

Fortunately, I didnít gain, but no loss either. After a very depressing evening, I think I got my mojo back.
I woke up today with a fresh outlook.

Ok my venting is over
Start: 1/5/11 Weight : 240
2/4/11: 222
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Pre Goal: 160 by 10/11 (in a wedding)
Ultimate Goal: 120 by 1/1/12

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