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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
I understand custom activities is on the programmer's radar but it will likely be a while. In the meantime, enter the exercise that most closely matches what you're doing and simply adjust the time to match the calories your device records. That way your numbers will be correct.

You have to be careful when you adjust the time if it is very far off...because that takes away from the time that it calcuates the daily level stuff. I'm not explaining it well, but if you have to adjust it a lot, it does throw your results off.

I have a Polar monitor, too, and I usually try to get as close as I can. Rather than adjuting the time, I keep the time in the activity the same but sometimes combine 2 categories, like 30 min light calesthenics and 30 minutes vigorous calesthenics, to get the right number for the hour to match my HRM. If you play with the proportion of the minutes in each, you can fine tune it pretty well.

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