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Default Fossitman makes sense

Originally Posted by fossitman View Post
But what Im trying to do is change my habits .

Ive walked the dogs several times riding the bike to the grocery store today im gonna pick up the guitar and play for a while . Im just trying to fill up my time with things that arent related to food.

Motivation is key to all.

its me its all me . and now i want something more than a pretzel, chips or candy. I WANT HEALTH and PIECE OF MIND and damn it im gonna have it. remember why you started this journey and don't give up never give up .
Fossitman makes a great point here....Motivation is key to all!

I will also add some words I keep in a list to refer to when I am being weak. You can fill in the blanks, and add and delete for whatever works for you.

Recognize Investigate Understand Accept Plan - Set goals Commit Focus Execute Reflect - Get Feedback Relax Reward yourself Enjoy Assess your progress - Consider doing it all over again with some changes - Go back to step one - Repeat

Remember this. Your health and lifestyle changes require commitment. Look in the mirror and don't BS yourself. This is not a journey for the weak. Also you might want to go to this website and review Items Number 7, 8, and 15.
EWU | 15 Styles of Distorted Thinking

These are some things I have learned to help myself along the way. Remember this. When all is said and done there will only be one person who is responsible for your success or! Peace out and rock on! We are all here for each other. -------Albie

This is the place where I would write something inspirational and witty...if I could.
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