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Default Aloha, 80 lb weight loss

Thanks for this great forum. I joined to use the food journal but I have found a lot of information/sharing in here too.
I started the food journal because I knew I was not eating enough. Because I exercise so much, my appetite is suppressed and considering I eat foods that are generally lightly processed, it is hard to fit in more healthy calories. I don't eat very much meat and no sugar.
I was very inactive for my entire life 30+ years and at over 330 lbs., about a year ago, I started to slowly walk and change my eating habits. I went from binge eating to finding that walking was more important to me than food. I want to be the strongest and healthiest I can be, not for a bikini, but to be the best I can be and walk the hills and miles that I want.
I lost 80 lbs. and weigh 250. I have about 70 lbs. left. to be in a good BMI range. I started walking short distances and now walk at least 8 miles day/6 days a week. I walk over that quite often, challenging myself with up to 13 miles. I found something that makes me feel better than food. Good luck with your journey.
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