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Im new too this so i dont have any great advise. I have been stuffing my face for a long time and my problem is now what do i do to take the place of constant nibbling on pretzels ,chips ,candy anytyhing i want. Im not sure . But what Im trying to do is change my habits . Ive walked the dogs several times riding the bike to the grocery store today im gonna pick up the guitar and play for a while . Im just trying to fill up my time with things that arent related to food.this website has been good for me it has opened my eyes to a lot of things i was unaware of . Im truly greatful for it . Motivation is key to all. I usually go to the bar on fridays and drink till im buzzing but because i have worked hard all week doing the right things im not going to the bar today and in a weird way thats my gift to me.. Sure my 99 friends wont understand but there not the ones who dont fit in my clothes anymore.its me its all me . and now i want something more than a pretzel,chips or candy. I WANT HEALTH and PIECE OF MIND and damn it im gonna have it. remember why you started this journey and dont give up never give up . I dont know you but i do know your worth it. ..... LAUGH , LIVE ' LOVE
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