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i feel better this morning. i followed the one tip and that was to not turn on my computer when i wake up. by doing that it was easier to focus and get my workout done, do alittle metitation and take a shower and still have plenty of time to eat some breakfast. i think i just gotta keep up this way no matter what i need to get done just get up and focus on nothing else but workout.
10/21/11- 233.4 lbs (heaviest ever)
11/21/11- 222.6 lbs (-10.8)
12/21/11- 216.4 lbs (-17)
01/20/12- 210 lbs (-23.4)
02/22/12- 203.2 lbs (-30.2)
03/21/12- 198 lbs (-35.4)
05/22/12- 193.2

Current weight: 192
Total Pounds lost: [B] -41.4/B]

Inches lost: 39.75

Current Goal: 180 by 11/16/12

Ultimate Goal Weight: 125 lbs

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