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Originally Posted by jancamp09 View Post
way to go! 11 pounds isn't a lot to have to lose but it takes as much dedication as losing a lot of weight. We all know those last 10 are the hardest to lose. Way to be so disciplined as to not let things get out of hand! I have about the same amount to lose, 10 - 14 pounds. Good luck! Do you have any tips from when you first lost your weight that helped you?
hmmm tips that helped me. these are just suggestions
~journal all your food, as well as exercise.
~ be accountable to someone, spouse, partner, friend, message board, co-worker
~ pick exercise you love to do you'll stick with it longer
~ don't eat food you don't like you'll be tempted to cheat
~ try something new, exercise, veggie, whatever
~ take measurements of the body
~ take really good before pics i never did & wish i had
~ have little goals get all my exercise for the week, eat my food, water whatever & then give yourself a non-food reward.
~ have a end of goal reward. mine was a new tattoo
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