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Originally Posted by changeisgood29 View Post
Hey yunalee, you can do it! I know it can feel daunting, and frustrating, but try to take it one day at a time, or even one moment at a time. This battle is won and new (good) habits are formed with every positive choice you make - every time you eat something good or better for you than you used to, and every time you move around and exercise. You can and you will do it. Even if you're not sure, fake it until you are.
+1 ^^ Excellent statement!
Welcome and you have a do-able goal, I've been using Fitday for a couple of years now (took me a year to figure out there was a forum) and I've lost over 50lbs during that time and have kept it off with the help of Fitday.

Start weight:
212 3/09
Today's weight:
161 2/11

So Ya, you can duit!
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