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Hi there,

I'm new here on fitday. I'm 39 and I want to change my life. I've tried tons of diets and weight plans and pills and exercise and well pretty much everything under the sun but nothing really has worked and now I'm a diabetic.

I have a ton of health issues and I am really tired of being sick and tired. So I'm taking this first step for me to change for me my life.

I'm scared as hell that I'm going to die before my time because things are so bad. The last time I weighted in it was 330 and that was with me trying to eat healthy. So I'm changing how I eat and I joined a gym with my life partner in Oct. I'm going to keep track of everything I can on here. I'm also going to start using my wii. I ve been watching the biggest loser and watching other friends do the HGC diet / atkins and they are having such success.... I saw a dr the other day who said i needed to starve myself. Almost all the drs I have seen in the past year have told me I need to get a lap band and every doctor, therapist, and nutrionist has said i needed to loose the weight. Everyone of them has a different plan... I think its about portion control and eatting healthier for me.

My goals are pretty simple...

1. loose weight to be healthy
2. get enough sleep
3. keep track of my blood sugars
4. keep track of my moods
5. keep track of what I eat
6. keep track of my exercising
7. try not to make food my enemy

Most current weight: 330
Weight Loss Goal: 180 or size 18

I could use some friends for encouragement. I dont get out much and I'm rather shy thanks to a nasty case of PTSD but I am loyal and funny. Thanks ahead for any feedback!


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