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Originally Posted by Skeetgirl View Post
Hey gals!
Welcome Meggietye and Lizards!

I'm glad there are so many of you with the same mindset

Did you all want to pick an "official" weigh in day?
No pressure if you don't want to post you weigh ins if you don't want to.
Keep up the good work everyone!
i don't my weigh-ins on fridays. but if no one want to change their weigh-in day we can just do an end of the week check point.

can just say what day you weighed yourself and your weight, that way if some like to do it on mondays they can keeps it on mondays.

don't have to do it this way but just an idea
10/21/11- 233.4 lbs (heaviest ever)
11/21/11- 222.6 lbs (-10.8)
12/21/11- 216.4 lbs (-17)
01/20/12- 210 lbs (-23.4)
02/22/12- 203.2 lbs (-30.2)
03/21/12- 198 lbs (-35.4)
05/22/12- 193.2

Current weight: 192
Total Pounds lost: [B] -41.4/B]

Inches lost: 39.75

Current Goal: 180 by 11/16/12

Ultimate Goal Weight: 125 lbs

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