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Hehe - it's a lot of fun! The hula-hooping is an absolute killer! Especially once you unlock the longer times. So funny to watch other people on it, though. I guess I'd count the good belly-laugh that gives me as part of my daily calorie burn.

We had 'Spicy Beef with Prawns and Bok Choy' last night, served on a bed of couscous. The dish (minus the couscous) had only 200 calories a serve, so I thought that was pretty good - plus, I needed to up my protein a bit. My 8 year old took one look at the bok choy and decided he wasn't going to eat it, but in the end he devoured the whole bowlful and was looking for more, so it's probably a keeper.

I've just discovered Zumba burns about 600-800 calories an hour, so after a bit of dumbbell work, I sweated over that this morning before collapsing in a proud but exhausted puddle to do some pilates. My 9mo woke up from his morning nap early; I did toy with the idea of ditching the pilates, but I got him up and endured him pulling at my hair and playing drums on my head while I did it. Go me!

And on a side note, the Driveway Repair God must be reading this thread, because I got a call from the real estate yesterday telling me she's put in some quotes with the landlord. Fingers crossed they actually fix it!

Hope you have an energetic and productive day today!
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