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My trainer and the other gym staff are my biggest support. They really make me feel great! My husband is ok, he doesn't complain about my trimming down recipes, but he needs to gain weight, so he eats a lot of stuff in front of me that I just can't eat. He also tells me he can tell that I've lost some weight, which perks up my day.

I'm trying to lose 15 lbs from pregnancy, so most people I talk to, including dieters, tell me that I don't need to lose a thing. It's really hard, because I know what I looked like before the weight and I feel horrible (emotionally and physically) with the weight on, even though I still look ok. And I feel like I've got something wrong in my head since everyone else tells me I look great.

I don't keep my diet to myself, but I don't advertise it either.

Congrats, everyone on the weight loss and the weight you WILL lose!! It is a long, hard road!
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