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Default Great morning

Got to the gym at around 6:15 and did a great run for a warmup - part at 6.5 MPH and part at 7, kept the slant at 1.0 for most of it, got to work at getting that slant up. Then a killer muscle conditoniing routine, I did two sets which felt great - I want to work up to three but I'm always pressed for time. 1.25 miles

Assisted chin ups 60% of body weight 12 (10 second set)
Assisted dips 60% of body weight 12 (11 second set)
Dead lifts 65 lbs
Pushups (12 then 11)
Lateral steps holding 10 lb weight (these scare me, I have to figure out how to not worry about falling off step)
Lunges holding 10 lb wieght.

YAY I Can do it!

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