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Welcome aboard, I'm also the mother of 3, we moms tend to let the fam take over our whole lives don't we? Good for you taking on P90X, I've not tackled that one yet, but understand it's quite a workout. I agree with cjohnson, in making the necessary changes in small steps, it sticks better that way. You're goal is 85 pounds from your starting weight, and I hate to say this, but you probably can't get there on exercise alone, so you might as well start looking for little ways to clean up the diet. Besides as the mom, you're probably in charge of the family diet, and what's good for you is just as good for the rest of them. In our house I changed everyone over from squishy white bread to 35 calorie/slice whole grain bread, regular pasta to whole grain pasta, margarine to spray butter, brown rice instead of white, low fat yogurt instead of pudding cups, fresh fruit instead of cookies, trail mix instead of chips, cereal with 10g or less per serving, no mac & cheese unless is has a green veg stirred into it, etc etc etc. You get the idea. Mind you, I've had to listen to some complaining, okay more than "some", but now that that they gotten used to it, they are much more likely to make better food decisions on their own - seriously.
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