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Hey, I too am also hypothyroid..but I am also a professional dancer and its taken me years of doctors and listening to countless information that I'm realising the simple fact that I CAN lose weight..but it was hard for me also, a low carb diet, LOTS of fiber and the normal healthy eating ..veg, fruit, iron and protein rich foods..

I also realised for my body only a total of 1000calories at the most a day is sufficient..

I can maintain a steady weight now..I'd like to be smaller, thats why I'm using this site, however found it extremely benificial to log everything I eat each day and have seen a small weight drop as well as burning roughly 1500calories a day on excercise....might sound a lot, but thats how I've lost weight and this is while I am out of work..

Worth a try, I'm on 200 levothyroxine (doctors refuse to supply natural thyroid)
I'm trying to lose my last 10llbs to be the perfect "dancer" weight. At 26 I'm obviously younger than the average hypothyroid, but I fear that bring told 1000x I cant lose weight and having the career choice in which being toned and slender is crucial I decided to try my hardest and ignore those comments and since then I've realise having a thyroid problem makes weightloss a challenge not impossible...I think mind over matter has helped me also, and yes I have tired and weak days, but like I said, if I can have a toned slender athletic body and get my energy from natural sugars like oranges and learn to drink plenty water, my thyroid problem doesn't exist in my mind..
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