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Hi. I just recently started using fitday thanks to a friend recommending it and I am loving it. It makes keeping track of everything much easier. Anyway I am 33 years old, a wife, and mom of 3. I guess i got so used to saying this over the years that i forgot about me...and it shows!!!! So I am taking my life back. It's time to put myself first so that i can be better for everyone around me.

I recently began using P90X videos and aim for everyday...that's a workout. I also joined a kickboxing class (attend twice a week) and joined the fitness center at my school, where i have to put in on average 100 minutes per week. I haven't changed my diet too much other than cutting out junk food, fast food, and eating less. My question is....does anyone know if all this exercise will help or should i consider changing my eating habits more? I currently weigh 197lbs. but was about 215 not that long ago. I am 5ft 6in so my goal weight is 130lbs. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your input.
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