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Originally Posted by starynight142001 View Post
Thank you for the chocolate advice, I have never tried the pudding cups but I think I might give them a try. Thats sucks that your mom got upset over that, I think you have done an amazing job of loosing weight 96 lbs is no joke. Keep up the good work and I might also try the tootsie rolls lol for my chocolate fix.

Mom's sometimes just dont understand!!
Don't get me wrong, 99.9% of the time my mom is great, she's just clueless when it comes to nutrition (aren't we all?). She and I also have different body types, she's what you would call "medium height" with a "medium build", and I'm a curvy elf. I think the truth of it is that my mom's opinion is important to me, so what might be a little slip from some one else, is a landslide when it comes from mom.

The pudding cups are great, sometimes I freeze them so they take longer to eat. Tootsie rolls have saved my diet over and over again. We have 3 kids, so of course they've filled the house with Halloween candy, Christmas candy, soon to be Valentine's candy etc etc. So when it gets overwhelming, I buy a bag of those tiny Tootsie rolls and throw them in the candy drawer, and eat them 1 at a time, I try not to chew and instead let them melt slowly. I also occasionally get a bag of Hershey kisses, just 1 has 20 calories, and if you let them melt slowly in your mouth (again with the no chewing) and make yourself drink a great big glass of water before you're allowed the next one... you can hold off a chocolate binge indefinitely. I'm also not above freezing them. Do you know how long it takes to thaw a frozen Tootsie Roll enough in your mouth to chew it? About 2 minutes.
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