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My base activity calories without excercise are (according to fitday) 2600 so I'm also trying to keep the my intake around 2000 per day.

For exercise, 30 mins a day on the spin bike at a heart rate level of 65-75%. 20-30 mins every other day weight training.

My goal for next week is to start having a more intense cardio workout on the spin bike every other day where my heart rate level reaches 85%. I own 12 Spinerval DVD's which I used to use religiously so I want to get back on those again.

I'm looking forward to more pleasant weather so I can walk too. The stationary bike is nice but it's great to get outside and use different muscles.

1/1/11- 200lbs

1/28/11- 198lbs
2/4/11- 195lbs

12/31/11- 150lbs
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