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Same here. I've always been pretty slender. I've worked out vigorously 2x to 3x per week since spring 2007 and eaten fairly carefully throughout (fresh, whole fruits & veggies, quality proteins and fats [lean meats, dairy, nuts], whole grains, etc.). In that 2 1/2 year span I've gained about 20 lbs. Have been using Fitday on & off during that time, but only as a food tracker. Would still like to gain about 10 more lbs. and then maintain that weight for a while.

But when I tried to use Fitday (free version) to set a modest weight-gain goal, it gave me the same pink bar across the screen and wouldn't let me set a higher goal weight than current weight.

I imagine the vast majority of Fitday users want to lose or maintain their weight, but I also know there must be some others, like me--athletes, perhaps--who want to use it to help them gain weight. I'm pretty sure I've seen bodybuilders refer to their Fitday log on fitness websites, and surely not all of them were only trying to lose weight--were they?

I guess if a person wanted to, he/she could do a clunky workaround by just setting a weight-LOSS goal to see how much activity to add or how many calories to subtract to reach that goal, and then just do the opposite. But that seems awfully complicated.

So what gives? Anyone? Isn't there any way to override this weight-loss bias? Is this a bug or a "feature"?
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