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Default Definitely annoying - and unbelievable

Not being able to stay logged in is undoubtedly one of the most annoyinug things possible, and I cannot believe it has taken so long for the admins to fix. The vast majority of sites I use every day, including some small, relatively low-traffic sites (thus poorer) do not have this issue. In fact, the only sites I regularly use that annoy me with this are banks, which is understandable. Ebay and Amazon allow you to remain logged in--for more than a decade now--until you actually have to place a bid or an order.

While Fitday tries to sort things out, I'm headed off to check out another site. I may even give a look at one more site. No sense wasting my time on a site that takes a decade to move into the new century.

While some parts of Fitday are prettier, this other site I found is pretty good, has a much larger amount of food, allows you to look at other user's workouts etc, and has food options for you to choose from when following a particular type of diet, along with other cool features. And you don't have to keep logging in. I have now moved there permanently. [Still another site, meanwhile, has had no admin support for more than a year--it was started by a Russian guy a decade ago almost and he has left for other things.]

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