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behaze, I think weighing in and measuring is a great idea. What day works for you and Kathy?

I too use new clothes as motivation. My mom lost 30lbs using the weight watcher plan so I cleaned out my closet and gave all my skinny clothes to her! It's so funny how we just keep hanging on to clothes we haven't worn for 3 or more years.

As for what I do for a living, I'm a stay at home mom first. I have 4yr old twin girls and a 2yr old boy. My husband was my high school sweet heart. I have 2 golden retrievers. It's a full time job! When my husband gets home from work, I go work at a restaurant my friend owns. I'm a food expediter/manager. On the weekends, my sister and I do special occasion hair styling. Weddings, proms, etc.

behaze, I really enjoy reading your posts. I can tell you have a nack for writing. That's great!

By the way ladies, I didn't go over my allotted calories yesterday!! YAY!
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