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I think we have to learn exactly how to eat again. I truly believe that is my problem. I mean, I know what I am supposed to eat; I eat clean and healthy. But remember, many, many years we turned to cake, cookies and all the junk food for comfort or even just to be able to eat it cause we COULD!! But sugar and white flour are like a drug to me now, and the faster I realize this, the sooner I'll lose my weight for good. For me personally, I can't stop at ONE cookie or ONE piece of cake. It's like it triggers something in my brain to KEEP eating these foods - and in large quantities!! Sherry, it's beyond frustrating. So, what's gonna be different? Well, I picked out a good oatmeal raisin cookie recipe that is vegan and contains NO white sugar. My plan is to completely stay away from white flour/white sugar for one month, to detoxify my body from these elements. Then, if I really feel like I NEED something sweet and "bad", I will bake these cookies and keep them in the freezer for those "moments". I also will purchase some very good, high quality dark chocolate and allow myself one ounce every now and then, especially if I am attending parties where junk food prevails.

I think we also need to learn to be very patient with ourselves and give ourselves a break!! I know I can be very hard on myself. One minute, one hour at a time for now!! WE WILL DO THIS!! It's always gonna be a complete lifestyle change. Always. We have to really understand that
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